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9/11 - 20 years on

9/11 – 20 YEARS ON

In modern history there have been several events such as the first moon landing, the assassination of JFK, the death of Princess Diana where the question is asked, “Where were you when you heard the news?” One other turning point in history where we can ask the same question was September 11, 2001 (otherwise known as 9/11).

In New Zealand we heard about the events that were unfolding on the 12th September (our time) and I can remember what I was doing (I was home, sick in bed with a bout of tonsillitis). Like many people around the world I was glued to the TV watching the events unfold (in a very morbid way it was a kind of early livestream). The most common phrase that was uttered all over the world was “A plane has flown into the twin towers, turn on the TV”. The vision of the planes flying into the North and South towers was only the beginning of the horrors that we would all witness that day.

Since that day, there have been books written by survivors telling us their personal stories, books of reportage that have pulled together various oral accounts, and many, many books written outlining who the terrorists were, what lead them to that fateful day and how an event like this has changed the political, social and economic culture of America (and indeed the rest of the world). The 20th anniversary has re-highlighted the horror and pain that these attacks wrought, not just on the American people, but everyone around the world.

If you are interested in revisiting this piece of history check these books out (these books are available in our library):

The Angel in the rubble by Genelle Guzman-McMillan

Reluctant Hero: a 9/11 survivor speaks out about that unthinkable day by Michael Benfante

A history of the world since 9/11 by Dominic Streatfeild

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