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Platform Seven by Louise Doughty

PLATFORM SEVEN BY LOUISE DOUGHTY I became familiar with this author through her earlier book, “Apple Tree Yard” which was made into a TV...


Tell Me Lies by J.P Pomare

BOOK REVIEW This is the third crime/thriller by writer JP Pomare. Pomare is a kiwi-born writer now living in Melbourne. I read his...

Grief On The Run by Julie Zarifeh

This book explores the power of human resilience in the face of personal tragedy. New Zealander, Julie Zarifeh shares her story of...

The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason

The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason is a ghost story. A hippie-like family, the Corvino’s move into the rambling farmhouse at Iron Sike...

Allegra in three parts by Suzanne Daniel

Allegra (of the book title) is eleven years old when we first meet her. What we know of her so far is that she has lost her mother. She...


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