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Tell Me Lies by J.P Pomare


This is the third crime/thriller by writer JP Pomare. Pomare is a kiwi-born writer now living in Melbourne. I read his previous books, so understandably I was excited to see another book of his had hit the shelves. I wasn’t disappointed, but this was such a different book to the other novels.

The other novels were set in New Zealand and had more of a cosy, thriller vibe, much like a Nikki Crutchley, Vanda Symon or R W McDonald. No less thrilling, but the localness gives it a reassuring cosiness about it. We understand the characters, because they could be anyone in our community. ‘Tell me lies’ is next level. Although obviously set in Australia (if you are familiar with Melbourne in any way you will know the landmarks mentioned in the book – Flinders Station, St Kilda, Toorak), it has an international feel to it. Close your eyes and you could easily imagine that you are reading a novel set in New York or Washington DC.

Also, Pomare goes to a much darker place in this novel. Having a psychologist as the main protagonist (Margot Scott) ensures that we are going to plumb the depths of the human mind. Scott’s clients run the full gamut of liars and sociopaths. Scott, herself, is an interesting character, a talented psychologist who has, on several occasions, skated to the edge of losing her licence. You get the sense that you should be able to trust her, but there is that niggling doubt.

At only 230 pages, it is quite a compact story, but as I can attest it is definitely a page turner. Also, as an added bonus Pomare has included the first couple of chapters of his fourth novel, The Last Guests (I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this!!). This novel is a turning point for Pomare, and I think his writing career can only go up. He definitely has what it takes to go up against the David Baldacci’s and Lee Child’s of this world. My advice? Get your hands on a copy of this novel as soon as possible, you won’t regret it, but don’t take my word for it………

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